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What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

A CCRC is a particular type of retirement community that offers several levels of care. Having several levels of care available on campus is an incredible benefit—it provides you with the security of knowing that if you need Assisted Living, Memory Care, or Nursing Care at some point in the future, you won’t have to move to another community. Couples find this aspect of CCRC living especially important. Should one spouse need the services provided in another part of campus, the other can easily visit any time of day. This means couples can regularly spend time together socializing, dining, or engaging in activities. And, they know that their loved ones are receiving the services they need to thrive and maintain as much independence as possible.

Why is Landsun Homes a not-for-profit organization?

Landsun Homes is a mission-driven organization that devotes its resources toward innovative and quality care for its residents. Not-for-profit retirement communities have a rich history of serving the nation's older adults, often with innovative approaches to managing the care of the people they serve. Landsun Homes strives to serve residents in the most independent setting as possible. We believe that services are best set to individual needs. We do this via a network of services offering a continuum of care. Furthermore, this includes choices in senior housing, supportive services, in-home care and nursing and medical care.

Do I have to pay a "Buy-In" fee to move into Landsun Homes?

Landsun Homes Parkhouse Village offers a refundable plan for homes. Landsun Manor Apartments are available on a month-to-month contract. Please contact us for current rates and availability.

Can I afford Landsun Homes?

Upon application, Landsun Homes looks at an applicant's income and assets compared to the estimated costs over one's life expectancy to determine financial eligibility. An admissions coordinator is available to review specific financial data to determine eligibility.

Does Landsun Homes have a waiting list?

Landsun Homes keeps a list of potential residents who are waiting for a specific type of accommodation to become available. As accommodations become available, individuals on the waiting list are called in order of their dates of applying. There is no application or deposit fee. Please contact us for current availability.

What are your age requirements?

There is no maximum age to move to Landsun Homes. Residents 55+ must be able to live safely and manage activities of daily living with or without assistance in the setting that they choose.

Do you provide transportation?

Landsun Homes has a weekly errand bus and transportation to special activities as scheduled. We provide personal transportation on an as-needed basis.

Does Landsun Homes offer activities?

Landsun Homes offers a variety of activities, including exercise, classes, entertainment, religious services and social events for every occasion.

Will long-term care insurance pay for any of the services Landsun Homes offers?

This is dependent on each individual's insurance policy. Personal care and nursing care through Landsun Homes may be covered by one's long-term care insurance. Landsun Homes staff is available to assist you in evaluating your policy.

Do you accept Medicare and Medicaid?

Landsun Homes Health Service Center is a licensed Medicare and Medicaid provider.

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