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A Continuing Care Retirement Community.

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Your needs may be many, your needs may be few, or you may be ready to retire from daily chores involved in caring for your home. Whatever the situation, Landsun Homes is a great place to live!

Landsun Homes offers a variety of living arrangements and levels of service to meet individual needs and preferences.

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"At Landsun we're not a room number or a house number, we know the staff by name and they know us. They are family members"

~ A Resident

"When my daughter recently called from South Carolina she ended her weekly Saturday conversation with " Mom, I am so very grateful that you and Dad are settled in your townhome at Landsun. I know you are safe, taken care of and happy."

~ A Resident

"My husband and I moved here over six years ago. He became ill and needed extra care. We then experienced all of the levels of care provided here. My husband was one of the first Landsun Hospice clients. I still receive daily support and care from the staff. My friends are here and all of the staff are a loving second family."

~ A Resident

" will never know how much we appreciate the role you played in my mother's life. Our family experienced the love and concern that you share with each resident. Each of you are very special."

~ A Resident

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